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About the Founder

How Did Ivan’s Angels Inc. begin….
I was married to man who decided that his other woman was going to be “Crack Cocaine”. Crack took over his life and began to take over …my life in a different way. It tried very hard to control my home, my marriage, and my children. Sickness came into Ivan’s life due to the drug addiction. He threw 8 blood clots to his lungs and ended up with Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease. Asthma attacks were very common for him and I would spend many days and hours in and out of hospitals trying to be the good wife taking my place beside his bed. When he would get better, the strama would start all over again. When I got sick and tired of being sick and tired, I then got up and started to fight back. I removed the problems of addictions from my home and my life. You see, he wasn’t the only one with an addiction. My addiction was people, places and things. All I wanted was to fix everything and everybody and make it right. It’s called co-dependency.
We were eventually divorced. There was so much hate between us at that time that we couldn’t stand to walk on the same side of the street. After a little over a year passed, my son and his girlfriend decided that they would get married and I had a friend who was a minister that said that he would marry them. They were married in my home. My minister friend brought a friend with him and his friend just happened to turn out to be my ex-husband, Ivan. When I saw him walk in my door I immediately noticed a huge difference in him. Long story short, he was cleaned up and was attending church faithfully. Moving on….we ended up getting re-married, not because there was any love there, but because it was what God wanted us to do.
After getting remarried, it started all over again with the sickness (not the drugs but the asthma). I was once again spending many hours and days at the hospital. After many trips to the hospital, we decided (while he was in the hospital) to be tested for HIV due to his past behavior. He had told me that he was tested before and it was negative. I believed him but that turned out to be a lie. Out of fear, guilt and shame, he felt the lie was better and hoped for the best. We were tested. At that time it took 2 weeks to get the results back. By that time we had been re-married for 5 years. Two weeks passed and I received a call from the doctors office that my test was negative. I gave God praise and the burdon was lifted off of my husband because he knew that if I was negative, he was negative. We went out to celebrate our good news.
We went to dinner, had a great time, came home, made love and all was well with our soul. The next day, less than 24 hours, the doctors office called back and wanted us to come in and see the doctor. When we got there, it was late and the office was closing. They had given us a very late appointment time. When the doctor walked in, he walked right up to my husband and told him with tears flowing that he was in full blown AIDS. Not just HIV+ but was in full blown AIDS. You see, God can keep you (he kept me) from dangers seen and unseen. My husband lived for 2 years after that and he served God faithfully because he loved God. He knew his wrong, he repented for his wrong and the best days of his life were spent serving the Lord in the church. God took him home and he was ok with that. The last thing he said to me was, “No matter what happens, I will still praise the Lord.” Be blessed young people and give your bodies to God. Let them be a living and holy sacrifice-the kind He will accept. When you think of what He has done for you, is this too much to ask? Romans 12:1 After Ivan died, (the seed died), the flower grew.
That was the beginning of Ivan’s Angels Ministries. Ivan was blessed to be able to see angels and talked about them to many people. Hence, the name Ivan’s Angels Ministries aka Ivan’s Angels Inc. IAM is a non-profit (501C3) organization that is faith based and reaches the young as well as the old, the rich as well as the poor, and people of all backgrounds and races in the community and provides HIV prevention education. IAM has provided food, clothing, bus passes, transportation, monies for medication, electric heaters as well as other needed things to people who are living with the virus and who are considered by the CDC as being high risk for contracting the HIV virus which includes drug and alcohol abuse. There is so much more but not enough time. God has
blessed me with another husband who works faithfully and diligently with the ministry. He loves God and is a minister. That right there is another testimony. Be blessed family because you are a blessing. ..

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